304 Stainless Steel with a proprietary black coating

304 Stainless Steel with a polished finish

Greater Clamping Force Than T-Bolt
Our heavy-duty Stealth Clamps are 100% stainless steel, designed with an extra-wide band, protective inner liner, and coated with a proprietary black finish.

Stealth Clamp vs. T-Bolt Clamp
Stealth Clamps creates a 360 degree, uniform seal around the circumference of the application. The heavy duty, bullet-proof worm gear will not "jump or skip" during tightening or use. For the t-bolt clamp, tightening of the t-bolt pulls the two ends of the band together, weakening the clamping pressure under the t-bolt and prone to failure.

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel
100% of the material that goes into making each Stealth Clamp (band, screw, two-piece housing) is stainless steel.

Extra Wide Band Width
The extra-wide band of the Stealth Clamps ensures no leaks. The increased surface area creates a stronger seal. In a forced-induction application, boost leaks are the enemy.

Protective Inner Liner
Our Stealth Clamps feature an inner liner that protects the silicone/rubber/plastic from being affected by the worm gear/band-slots while tightening. The inner liner is an integral extension of the clamp that maintains a consistent seal around the silicone hose (the small 0.25" & 0.50" clamps do not have inner liners).

Stealth Finish
Stealth Clamps are 100% stainless steel with a proprietary black corrosive resistant coating that does not chip or flake off. Stealth Clamps are also available in a polished stainless steel.